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In-Store Services

As well as our team of technicians that can visit your property we also have an in-store team with over 50 years combined experience in the pool industry.

We are open 7 days a week during peak season and there will always be someone available to help assist you. We understand that our customers may have needs that don't necessarily require a technician to visit and as such we can help in-store with the following:

Water Analysis

We use the sophisticated 'Waterlink Spin' computer analysis system which can accurately test and diagnose all aspects of your pool water to ensure swimmer safety and longevity for your pool and equipment.

All we need to carry out this test is a 100mL sample of your pool water and you can receive the results within a few minutes. From there we can advise you on how to solve the problem and in most cases provide you with the chemicals needed.

Equipment & Chemicals

We stock a wide range of equipment and chemicals in store and are happy to discuss what you're looking for and advise you on a suitable purchase.


From time to time small problems can arise with the running and maintenance of your pool. Please feel free to call or stop by if there is something you would like to discuss and we'll do our best to advise you on how to rectify the problem and talk you through what will need to happen should an on-site inspection be required.

In-store Inspections

If it's not convenient for you to have a technician come to your home then depending on the situation it may be easier for you to bring your equipment into the store where we can carry out the repair/cleaning in our workshop. One of the services we offer is a 48 hour deep clean for your cartridges.

Other Suppliers

Should you need a service that falls outside the remit of our expertise then we are able to help in recommending to you a business that will be able to help. Over the years as a company we have built up a database of companies and contractors that would be able to help with the installation of pools, renovations, fencing, gas fittings, solar heating and much more. Likewise if you're after a particular product that we don't stock then we'll do our best to help you locate the item you need.

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