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PoolSpa Wembley offers a great selection of pool-related products, including filters, pumps and cleaners. Check out the list below and find the product that's right for you.

Pool Filters

We stock many types of pool filters, including sand and cartridge-type filters. Contact us for a great price on these premium products.

Pool Pumps

PoolSpa Wembley has pool pumps to suit every pool size and homeowner budget, including the power-saving 3-speed models.

Pool Cleaners

Whatever size or shape your pool is, we have a pool cleaner for you, from traditional suction cleaners to robotic and remote-controlled models.


Let us help you choose the best chemical to treat your pool, including chlorines, algaecides, adjusters and other specialty products for your pool or spa.

Salt Chlorinators

We offer the latest in automatic, self-cleaning salt chlorinators to suit pools of any size, including timeclocks, PH controllers and pool light switches.

Solar Blankets

Our premium solar blankets let the sun heat up your pool directly, providing an eco-friendly solution and preventing falling accidents.

Pool Heating

We can help you take the chill off in summertime or keep your pool nice all year round with gas heating, electric pumps or solar heating.

Spare Parts

We supply top-brand spare parts for all your needs, from pump and filter O-rings to pool cleaner accessories. If we don't have it in stock, we'll gladly order it for you.

Salt Cells

We carry replacement cells for most brands, including Chloromatic, Clearwater and Emaux.


We have everything you need to keep your pool in pristine condition. Our inventory includes spare parts and accessories from top brands like Onga, Zodiac and Poolrite.

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