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Latest Pool Cleaning Technology - Robotic Cleaners

You don't have to do the backbreaking job of scrubbing the pool all day. PoolSpa Wembley introduces the future of pool cleaning with smart robotic pool cleaners.

The future of pool cleaning is now—or at least several years ago.

Once a province of standard leaf skimmers and manual labour, pool cleaning is now largely carried out by smart gadgets. Decades of research and development in robotics gave birth to pool cleaners that cover every nook and cranny in pools of any size or shape. In fact, such robotic pool cleaners are capable of scaling the walls, up to the waterline.

The concept of automatic pool cleaning dates back to the 1960s in the U.S. Andrew Pansini of Greenbrae, California is credited with inventing the first patented automatic pool cleaner. His invention dislodged dirt and grime, leaving them in the water for the pool pump and filters to remove.

Today, robotic pool cleaners clean dirt and grime themselves. Built-in filters capture the toughest of pollutants forced into the cleaner by its brushes. Meanwhile, intelligent software makes sure that every square inch of pool is cleaned, even the walls. Although they move slowly, you can say robotic cleaners take their time to ensure a spotless job.

With an effective cleaner on the job, the need to regularly turn on the pumps or treat the water with chemicals is greatly reduced. In an interview with Pool + Spa Review, Dan Kwaczynski, managing director of Maytronics Australia, said annual energy savings can reach $300. They also reduce backwashes by up to 50 percent, thereby reducing water loss and ensuring optimum flow.

That means savings when it comes to both pool equipment repair and maintenance. Pool pumps and filters, after all, can last for much longer since there's little dirt and grime to clog them up. As for the robot's built-in mechanism, cleaning is as simple as taking out the filter and rinsing it with running water.

Robotic pool cleaners are available at your leading local pool shop such as PoolSpa Wembley. We carry Maytronics' state-of-the-art Dolphin robotic pool cleaners, not to mention the world's first cordless robotic cleaner: the Supreme M5 Liberty. With a built-in battery and gyroscope for better scanning, the Supreme M5 Liberty maintains the cleaning quality robotic pool cleaners have been known for, minus the long cable.

You'll probably still need that pool net to capture floating debris, but it’s best to leave the pool floor and walls to artificial intelligence.

(Source: "Robotic pool cleaners: The automatic age," Pool + Spa Review)